All of this I commit to you

This fumbling, bumbling human error

Ah, but is it a mistake?

A flaw in the grand design,

Wires crossed and misshapen

Tangled beyond repair?

Yet here I stand before you

Covered in my scars

Blemishes abound

All of this, I commit to you

And you gently take in hand

All of life beneath

the swollen stars

That tumble through the night

And separate the strands

Upon the weary lands

Sick and poor

Wearied to the bone

You lift us to your heart

And gently breathe new life

Into what was thought

forever gone

Mercy rides again

upon its fiercest steed

Filling and completing

Replenishing each need

In fits and starts

to begin anew;

Wounds healed, bodies strengthened

And all of this I commit to you

All of this

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