“And I learned what is obvious to a child. That life is simply a collection of little lives, each lived one day at a time. That each day should be spent finding beauty in flowers and poetry and talking to animals. That a day spent with dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered.” – Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Dreams are so weird, at least mine are, most of the time. I once had a dream dictionary so I could look up the meaning of my dreams, even though it strictly advised that dreams are subjective. In other words, what the color red, for example, means to me will not have the same meaning for someone else. It requires a lot of deep thinking to figure out what the symbolism inherent in dreams means to me. I don’t have time to interpret my dreams these days. Between work and home life my schedule will not allow me the time to spend on indulging myself with what dreams may mean.

Still, it is intriguing and can give great insights. It’s too bad I can no longer give them much thought. It was actually a lot of fun, and sometimes very instructive. I do like fantasy worlds, after all. And dreams can be that. They can also be horrendously realistic, sometimes frighteningly so – like a masked man banging down your door while holding a knife in his hand – that’s the stuff of nightmares for sure! My imagination can get a little out of hand. I remember scaring the daylights out of myself when I was a child. The mental images were so real! But, I like dreaming. Dreams can take me places my pocketbook never could. And sometimes they can lead to an inspiration that pays off in real life. Just because I no longer spend hours on dream interpretation doesn’t mean I’ve ceased paying attention.

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in – what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.” – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables




16 thoughts on “I like dreaming

  1. When I give the LORD my mind, part of that daily prayer is that He would help me remember and understand the dreams that are from Him to tell me something. Most of my dreams are forgotten, but the few I remember I can usually interpret immediately. (Like the ones I described in “Getting Grip,” “The Mysterious Morphing Me,” and “The Dream That Broke My Heart.”)


  2. Ah, dreams indeed…for me, they colour daily life, and the imagination takes a wild ride on their backs. It’s nice to hear that you pay attention and gain insight from them as well.


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