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I stand and watch you walk angrily away

And the emotional fog you leave behind

Makes my blood run cold

How can I breach the barrier

Your defensiveness installed?

That hurt you feel, was never my intention

It is not me, but the remnants of another’s cruelest toil

The work of wounds inflicted so  long ago

How I wish you would stand and hear me


I cannot help that pain you feel

Your suffering taunts me

To try to heal a wound that pulses

With sneering harsh indifference,

The echoes of another’s wrong,

Are not mine to hold

Though you would have me believe

T’was me alone that held the knife

And plunged it deep within


And though I’m sorrowed deep inside

Your past is not mine to own

I do not accept the wrongs you laid

Upon my weary soul

Do not hold me to account

For sharp blades that cut you to the bone

I cannot accept this burden

T’is yours alone to carry


And if I must I will live alone

While I fervently wish you healing

That I would deliver, if I could

But you must travel this solitary journey

Deep inside your mind and soul

Uncovering the festering wound

That I, in innocence, triggered

I wish you strength

I wish you courage

I wish you clear seeing


While I would offer support to you

As you walk this painful uphill path

I will not take it upon myself

To be your whipping boy

But wish you well

And hope you can

Undo the spell

Woven by another

Godspeed, my friend



I hope that when next we meet

A wholeness I shall witness

And note how the wound has healed

Knitted all together

For then I shall kiss the scar

And celebrate your courage

For this I pray

And hope and dream

Until then my dear



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9 thoughts on “I wish you….

  1. It’s such a beautiful poem. The sentiments expressed resonate with me as I know how it feels when you are dealing with someone who has been scarred emotionally. Your conclusion gives me hope and advice. Hope that things will get better and advice to leave well alone for a while to give them time to heal. Thanks for sharing


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