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That there is brutality in this world, of that there can be no doubt. It is recorded in billions of stories and published all around the world. That there is cruelty, torture, murder, and killings galore is also well documented. People are facing starvation, wars, homelessness, abuse of every kind, political corruption, and much more. I have been reading a lot of stories just like these. But you know what? For every bad news stories there are millions more good news stories.

The stories of every day people doing their best at home and at work to serve others in so many ways. Like bus drivers that smile a good morning as they drive people to their destinations. Like care givers who feed, bathe, and provide for  babies, children, the sick, and others in their care. Like farmers who work in all kinds of weather to bring us food. These are just a few examples, but you get where I’m coming from. Every day heroes who help us make it through another day, week, month, year. No, they don’t often make the news, unless something unusual happens, but they are the stuff of life. They are the reasons we can keep going.

Tell me a story about a special someone in your life, somebody who brightened your day today. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please, will you share your “good news” story?

10 thoughts on “Tell me a story

      1. It’s our programmed response that we won’t even notice if things and people are going as per our expectations. The moment anything out of ordinary ( in a negative sense) happens an instant storm of complaining and criticism goes up! The thing is to see goodness and beauty, hard work and dutiful compliance should be appreciated and noticed.

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      2. I try to pay attention to the good things that are done for me on a daily basis. Sometimes I get caught up in the negativity, it’s so easy to see all the bad things that are happening in our world. But I prefer to focus on the positive and to make a difference where I can. “Bloom where you’re planted” and all that.
        I agree it is easy to go on auto pilot, but life is so much better when we are engaged.

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