The hole in the soul

That cannot be filled with material goods

The starving spirit

that hungers for food of the spirit

Consumerism will not cut it

Bigger houses, newer cars, trips abroad and such

All will give a momentary flash of happiness

But true joy, pure joy can never be bought

And it is only this that can bring peace

That hole in the soul

That screams out loud

For nourishment

Hear it now

And heed its need

9 thoughts on “Hole in the Soul

  1. Joy. I can’t see it, feel it, or speak it enough. Just the word alone does wonders, and seeking and finding joy within and without on a daily basis, well…it’ll bring tears to one’s eyes!


      1. One thing I know for sure, on the rare occasions when I’m not feeling very joyful, and a sense of bliss has left the building, I can definitely feel the difference. That’s when an immediate override is necessary!


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