Is there anything as beautiful as the love of a pet? When I was younger I could not understand why people would go on and on about their dogs and/or cats. I used to think it was quite silly. Now I am one of those people! I hope I don’t bore others to death with my stories about Callie’s antics. But she really does bring light and laughter to my days. She loves to play and I end up laughing so hard at some of the crazy things she does. If I am not out of bed at my usual hour she will come and jump on the bed, put her nose on mine and meow quietly. She’s not rude at least. And it makes me smile to wake up to her pretty blue eyes staring into mine. And how can I get annoyed when she is so happy to see me?

I am grateful for the love of all the pets I have been blessed to share my life with, but Callie truly is special.

12 thoughts on “Pretty Blue Eyes

    1. We had a dog for over 11 years. He was the sweetest. I miss him still. Cats are more independent than dogs, but I love both. At this moment in time cats are easier – no need to walk them. I am sorry you no longer have your dog. Pets are awesome and provide truth to the term “unconditional love”. Callie is very pretty, but more than that, she has a sweet soul. Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.

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    1. We had a cat for 11 years and then her kidneys failed and there was nothing the vet could do. We held her in our arms as she was euthanized – it’s an incredibly hard thing to do. She was such a sweet girl and we loved her dearly. I am sorry for your loss – our fur babies are family and it hurts so much to lose them.

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      1. I have never been able to watch my cats when they are being euthanized. I cant handle that being my last memory. I think its wonderful and brave that you are able to hold them till they breathe their last breath.

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      2. I saw it as my last gift to her for all the love she gave us, but it was extremely hard. I still weep at times thinking of that last time we held her. We all handle grief in our own ways. There is no right or wrong. What is most important is the care we give them when they are living.

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