Warriors do not carry rage. Warriors are kind, compassionate, understanding, and wise. Warriors know when to bind the wounds. They know life is never merely black and white, but an innumerable range of colours. Warriors are endlessly patient. Warriors know when to fight and when to retreat. They know they must pick their battles. Warriors make war on injustices and uphold the broken and disinherited. Warriors are gift and blessing. Warriors do not make war but promote peace. True warriors know the path of enlightenment and truth. They know the red road and will lead us, if we have the courage to follow. The red road is the path of honor and respect for oneself, others, and all life forms. Today, my Creator, help me follow the red road.

If you’d like to know a bit more about the red road check this out:


5 thoughts on “Warriors and the Red Road

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Carol. While reading through the story of the red road, I was struck the most by the Chief who talked about the young men in his tribe…”they are all poor because they are all honest”.

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    1. I really loved the ethics of the red road…..this was not a great blog post but the link is well worth reading. I think ethics are somewhat missing in today’s world. And yeah, that quote struck me as well….thanks Lee


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