Muddled thoughts and emotions; Stress and simplicity; Broken records; Up and down; Inside and outside. So, what is this all about? I am not sure yet, I am working my way through a maze that seems unsolvable. Do you ever have days like this? Where your thoughts don’t seem to have any clear path and are blown around like tumbleweed? Yeah. That’s me at the moment. Clarity is a wonderful thing, once you get it. But isn’t life just a fog of confusion at times? And that’s okay. We don’t have to have the answers. We are not responsible for every single thing in the universe. Like the plastic that is floating en masse in the oceans; like climate change, some things are just beyond our individual control.

Having said that I do believe that as individuals we can make a difference. And all those small changes in our individual lifestyles can and will change the world. A smile can make a difference. Taking a reusable bag to the grocery store can make a difference. Manners can make a difference. How we treat one another, our ways of being do make a difference. My thoughts are still somewhat muddled, but I do know this much: What we say and do matters – a lot! I hope today to make a positive difference in some small way – for each small positive difference has a ripple effect. May today bring a torrential downpour of small positive differences – a veritable tsunami of kindnesses to this world.

“Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.” – Christine Todd Whitman

7 thoughts on “The mosquito difference

  1. Love that last quote, and, from another perspective, someone’s smile or small act of kindness has made a very big difference in my outlook on any particular day.


  2. I love the idea of many “small” differences, which I believe are much easier to make in the moment than attempting something monumental. Just smiling or saying hello can make someone’s day, and it certainly causes great vibes in the person doing it as well.

    I had to giggle when reading about taking a recyclable bag(s) into the store with you. I have several nice ones from both Aldi and Trader Joes’. You would think I’d remember them when I visit, but seem to forget more times than not. I’m promising myself now to do better. The environment would certainly appreciate it!

    Also the mosquito quote is a goody. No matter how many times I read see and read it, the intended point is driven home as a result. Ouch!


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