I have learned a lot about diabetes over the past number of years. It is an insidious thief, stealing good health bit by bit – eroding it much like a river erodes the banks that attempt to keep it in. I have had many people tell me to “make” my husband eat this healthy food or that. First of all no one can “make” another person do anything they do not want to do. If you think you can you are seriously mistaken. Secondly diabetes is also affected by the ravages of stress on the body. I have seen my husband’s blood sugar levels spike time and again due to stress and unwelcome, and unanticipated events – like my brother’s sudden death.

Diabetes attacks every major organ: heart, kidney, lungs. It also attacks the eyes, the stomach; in short diabetes can be a death sentence, but only if it is not managed. Food is one thing we can control, life events we cannot.

We are not simply biological. We are emotional, spiritual, and psychological as well, and all these realities interact in ways both helpful and not. If one aspect of our being is affected by illness every aspect is.

Enough said!

7 thoughts on “The Scourge of Diabetes

  1. You are right when you say no one can make another take care of themselves. My wife has diabetes type 2, and she is a person that avoids the doctor. Was taking meds including insulin for a couple of years, then stopped. I’ve been at wits’ end trying to get her to go for blood tests, see a dietician, etc.


    1. I am so sorry, Lee. I have been down that road with my hubby and it is so frustrating and so scary. All the issues he is experiencing now stem from his refusal to take it seriously early on. I have had to just leg go realizing it was out of my hands, but it is terrifying because of all the damage it can cause – which cannot be reversed. I hope your wife makes the changes in her lifestyle that are necessary and commits to seeing the doctors and dietitians that can help her manage it. I will be thinking of you both and sending my best wishes and prayers.

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      1. You’re welcome. If there is anything I can help with don’t hesitate to ask. People often do not understand the amount of stress on the caretaker in such situations, so it is very important that you take care of yourself in it….God bless!

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    2. I hope your wife is doing better now, Lee. We have a female friend who has type 2 diabetes and has gained a lot of weight. She is terrified, and, I think, eating her feelings. It is difficult to reach her and to make her understand it IS manageable. I think of you often and hope things ave improved.


      1. Things may be turning around now. She had grown very weak and had lost a lot of weight. We finally got her to attend an appointment with a lady from the diabetes clinic. Her blood sugar measured at 26.3… so now she’s back on nighttime insulin and oral medication. She tests now at least a couple of times daily, and is hoping to avoid mealtime needles.


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