January 8 has come and gone – and in case you’re wondering, that court date was cancelled and there is another on the 31st of this month. I think my whole family will be very glad to put the whole thing behind us. It’s been so very painful going through the ordeal of a trial. If you are a first time visitor I will fill you in: On November 19, 2016 my brother was killed when a drunk driver slammed into his vehicle at highway speed.  In November 2017 the case against the impaired driver went to court and my family has been undergoing Chris’s death all over again and hearing details once unknown. It’s been brutal.

This month has been particularly hard for my children and I because, added to the stress of the court case, my husband was hospitalized on New Year’s Day.  He was released after two weeks, but he is still very sick.

So I am waiting – waiting to see what transpires as far as that court case is concerned; and waiting and hoping for recovery for my husband. Sometimes I am very patient – other times I just want to scream and pull my hair out. It is what it is. Nobody ever promised me an easy life, and, despite the challenges and difficulties,  it has been, on balance, a very good life. Life really is what you make it. And while waiting can be very tiresome I know that somewhere in all this there is a lesson to be learned.  I have no idea what it may be. But I know some day, somehow, a light bulb will go off and I will say “Aha, that’s why”.  I just hope that the pain and stress of the past months will have been worth it.

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