Crossbytheroadside resized

The cross at the side of the road

A symbol of faith

That marks the place where you breathed your last

And stands as testimony to a life well lived

And as a tribute and memorial

For those who loved you

And love you still

It is a token of remembrance and affection

The wood lovingly worked by our brothers’ hands

Hands that once worked side by side with yours

Building, repairing, constructing,

And often playing

Wreaths wrapped in red ribbons

Symbolizing the family circle and blood once shed

Upon the highway


Oh how we mourn your loss

And wish for time to turn again

To happier times

Alas we must walk this road

Of sorrow and of pain

Until at last we see your face

In the world that never ends

7 thoughts on “The cross at the side of the road

    1. And thank you for testifying – I am sure it was not an easy thing to do and I want you to know we appreciate your courage and your honesty. I wish there were more people like you in this world!


      1. There was never a doubt in my mind… If I was needed to I would. I had my kids in the car and i was almost hit. I called 911. It was a hard thing to witness. It is still hard to talk about. But I’m hoping I helped get some justice for Chris and the family. Nothing will ever be enough… But I did what I could. If you don’t mind…. My email address is if someone would be willing to stay in contact…. I’m really anxious to know how the trial turned out. Unfortunately I couldn’t get someone to watch my youngest…I wanted to be there for the whole thing but couldn’t make it 😦


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