Two weeks ago I was getting ready for my flight to Ontario to join my family and to lend my support while the trial of the man who killed my brother continued. The evidence against him is overwhelming; from the many witnesses to the collision, to professionals such as police officers, nurses, and the technician who administered the breathalyzer, and many more.

I spent a week with my sisters and brothers and some of my nieces and nephews. We are a large family, which is a huge blessing in times like this. For not only do we each receive support, we give it as well – which, I think, we all need right now. I know I certainly needed it as I sat there gripping my sister’s hand as we listened to the pathologist describe in detail the extent of the injuries Chris suffered – that was incredibly hard to hear and hard to bear – by far the most difficult thing I have ever done.

And my blood still boils recalling the complete lack – or seeming complete lack  of any remorse in the defendant’s demeanor as we watched a video of an early police interview with him. He continually denied having had anything to drink as the detective questioned him, finally owning up to having had “one beer” a half hour before the collision – a collision that witnesses said showed no braking of any kind as he sped toward my unsuspecting brother (and narrowly missing hitting at least two other vehicles). There was a total absence of any skid marks at the scene. Meanwhile the breathalyzer revealed an extremely high level of alcohol in this guy’s blood 2 hours after the collision – one beer my ass!

The lack of any sense of accountability boggles my mind. Why does this person seem to think there should not be a consequence for his actions? It mystifies me. It really does. I honestly don’t think I could ever live with myself if I ever were to cause the death of another human being.

And it’s not that I want vengeance on this guy – I simply want him to acknowledge the seriousness of his crime and make a public apology for the pain and suffering Chris’s family has had to live with and will continue to live with for some time to come. We all know that impaired drivers get very little in the way of jail time so a guilty sentence will not likely result in any long term incarceration.

We are still in limbo as the trial has been remanded until January and the final verdict and sentencing are months away.  It is a sad fact that it is Chris’s children, his siblings, and extended family who will serve a life sentence; a life sentence of loss that nothing can change.

4 thoughts on “Accountability and consequences

  1. As you say sis this isn’t about vengeance or hatred for what he did, for that only hurts the many victims & does nothing for closure or the peace we all need. Not only did this selfless act take away from our family but also his own, & he is totally oblivious and uncaring toward any of us. Am I angry? Dam straight I am and everyone should be. This isn’t a one time thing this is an every day thing & can and will continue until laws are changed and penalties for those laws become a lot more serious. As a family we own our wrongs and take the consequences for those wrongs so it is appaling to watch what happens in that courtroom every day and also appalling to watch our so called leaders allow these travesties . Whatever the outcome of this trial for our brother may be , I will not be silenced , bullied , forgotten , or unheard until these laws and penalties DO CHANGE. No family , child , grandchild , brother , sister , dad , mom , wife , or friend  should have to endure the loss of a loved one & especially the loss of a man like our brother who not only stepped up but stepped out to help others. For What a person that is telling us I OWN NO REMORSE. There are too many cases of this abuse & too many families affected by impaired drivers . As long as I live & breathe & I am sure I’M Not alone this will not end until our ELECTED OFFICIALS make the much needed changes


    1. I don’t know if any law or penalty will change the face of addiction. We need better health care as well. Unfortunately alcoholism numbs people to their own pain as well as the pain of others. My blog is about bringing awareness about the issues of impaired driving and its devastating effects. Thank you for your comment and for your support. I love you, my brother.


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