Thirty-one years ago my mother died of cancer. The days leading up to her death were painful, as the impending day approached. But they were also days of love, grace, and peace. My mother exited this world in the same way she lived – with faith and dignity and an all-consuming love for her family. She was my first example of an angel in human form. No, she wasn’t perfect. She had her faults, as we all do. But she was exceedingly kind and gentle. I am grateful for the example she left us on how to deal with the hard times and how to live life gracefully and prayerfully. I will always be so very grateful to have been mothered by such a woman.

There are angels among us. I truly believe that because I see so many examples of it in my daily life.  Such as the smile and antics of a little child that brings joy and laughter. Some examples touch my heart so deeply – like the homeless man who is a regular patron at the library where I work who brought gifts of candy to thank us for helping him; Such a small thing, but yet also such a big thing.  I am grateful when I am feeling harassed and hurried in the grocery store and people let me go ahead of them in line – they are angels in human form.

Last year when we had to flee our city due to a wildfire I witnessed more examples of loving care than I can count. To record them all would create a book! Yes, there are angels among us. So, today as you go about your day, I invite you to notice all the small acts of kindness, the person who holds the door for you, the stranger on the bus that smiles and greets you, the driver who lets you in on a crowded highway, the list goes on and on and on. And I am thankful for all of them!

It is so easy to get bogged down with all the negativity and sadness in this world. Yes people can be rude and unfeeling, but they can also bring great gifts, the greatest gifts that lift us up and allow us to smile again, to hope again. Today I will remember my mother and give thanks for her and for all the angels among us.

7 thoughts on “Angels among us

    1. Sending love and light your way as you celebrate and honor your beloved Mother! This was so beautifully written and serves as an important reminder for us to “give thanks” for the many angels that we encounter daily.


  1. There IS kindness in the world, there ARE angels, even (or perhaps, especially) when we are going through our own personal trials and tribulations. We must be open to those slivers of grace when they show up. Hugs to you on this anniversary.


    1. Thanks my friend. I truly do believe in Angels among us, not with feathered wings, but in fragile human form – I have had too many personal experiences of them to do otherwise. Thank you for your kindness and support. Hugs back.


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