There are so many shades of gray in every situation. Often, and I would say 99.9% of the time, nothing is clear cut. If only life were so simple. Every human being is made up of the vast number of experiences he or she has had. Some are positive experiences and the more of these a person has, it seems to me, the more likely that person will be open-minded and fair.  Of course, negative experiences are life’s way of helping us learn whatever lesson it is we need to learn. And hopefully we do learn. Years ago I studied journalism and later political science and communications. I learned a lot and I am grateful for that. Not everybody has the opportunity to take courses or avail themselves of “higher” education.  But we all have the opportunity to be widely read; to learn more about the lived reality of the citizens of our country and others.

Unfortunately too many people neither care nor are interested in learning more. Too many take the so-called facts pandered by the media (and especially social media) as gospel truths when in reality we are being given only a small portion of the story. Regretfully these are made up of sensational headlines designed to gain attention. They lead to fear mongering as well as hate and discontent.

It’s been said, “ignorance is bliss”, perhaps this is so, but it also leads to misunderstandings and hardness of heart. It has also been said that “knowledge is power” and I think this is true.  At least it gives us the power to form our own opinions and not be so easily led by others.  Information can lead to a better world, but we must be wary of where that information comes from.


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