I really don’t know if anybody reads this. At any rate I guess it really doesn’t matter much, since it is mostly an outlet for my overworked brain. I have been very busy since I started working full time back in January. Between work and family life there isn’t a lot of time left over to write. I miss it! More recently my hubby’s health issues have kept me reeling. But it you are one of the few that bothers to read this blog I want you to know I am very grateful. And, I am sorry I haven’t had much to write about. I have been vacillating between anger and despair for several months. And, since I created this blog to put positive energy out into the universe I have not wanted to burden anybody with my black moods and negativity. I really hope they are lifting now. Life is too short to dwell on problems and angry thoughts. So…here’s hoping I have something worthwhile to say in the weeks and months ahead. I wish you all well….


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