I hear it a lot; millennials are spoiled and feel entitled. I am not so sure that this is true. I happen to know some pretty awesome “millennials” with a fantastic work ethic and they are also truly thoughtful, lovely people.

I have a real problem with stereotypes having lived with one myself. I am from Newfoundland and for many years had to live with the stereotype that Newfoundlanders are uneducated, stupid people. The general consensus seemed to be we were all backward and, although hardworking, we worked only to collect “stamps” ( employable weeks needed for employment insurance or E.I.) so we could spend a good part of the year lazing around collecting “pokey” (E.I.) on “the rock” (a pet name for the island of Newfoundland). And while that may have been true of a portion of the population it definitely was not true of all of us. I share this story to illustrate my personal experience with a stereotype, not to gain sympathy. It is what it is. But my personal experience and journey have given me insights into how it feels to be treated as though I was “less than” my mainland counterparts; which is why stereotypes of any kind make me cringe.

There are lots of clichés that spring to mind such as ‘people in glass houses should not throw stones’. If you are blessed to never have had the challenges of living with a stereotype please try to think twice before labeling another person. After all, who are we to judge others? We are none of us perfect and all of us fallible. Let’s give the millennials the benefit of the doubt. They have grown up in a vastly different world than previous generations and have had their own challenges to face. We have not walked in their shoes nor experienced life in the same way they have. Yes, some are spoiled, but every generation feels those coming behind them have it easier than they did. I guess in some ways we are all somewhat spoiled. I know my life has been much easier than that of my parents or grandparents. Perhaps they saw my generation as spoiled and entitled too.


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