Busy, busy, busy…it seems to me that life is just one big rush from one thing to another for most people. What is the big hurry? I could do with less of that. I would love to sit in silence and just be. I need solitude the way some people need activity. To each their own; live and let live and all that. I cannot speak to the needs of others. Bliss, for me, is to listen to the sounds of birds singing; to watch lazy clouds float across the sky; to breathe deeply the fresh air; to touch the velvet silkiness of my cat’s fur and to be completely and utterly present in the moment – preferably near the ocean or walking along a nature trail amidst the trees. Life is more than work and drudgery. There must be time for play; for time alone with one’s thoughts and feelings; to escape the constant chatter and noise; the never-ending doings; the mind numbing prattle and constant harassment of clocks and expectations. Quiet and solitude, to me that is bliss.


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