Recently I became very sick with what I thought was the flu – it wasn’t. It was pneumonia. A lot of people I work with have been dropping like flies, mostly it is flu or colds – it is the season after all. Many of my coworkers are employed on a part-time basis so they have neither sick pay benefits nor health care benefits such as a drug plan. It mystifies me how many organizations choose to save money by hiring part-time staff so they don’t have to pay for benefits-it forces people to come to work when they are sick and thereby infecting other staff members. I’d like to see the financial fallout of these decisions. It leads to more full-time staff having to take advantage of sick pay and other benefits. It leads to reduced productivity at work because sick employees do not have the same stamina as their healthy counterparts.  It just makes no sense to me at all. On a human level it just seems evil and wrong. Of course in the world of business all that matters is the bottom line. Still, I would think that bottom line suffers because of the decision not to grant medical benefits to part-time staff. This is just some food for thought. I believe people should come before profits and this is my take on it.

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