Today marks two months since my brother’s death. I do not think he realized just how many lives he touched. At his funeral service I had no idea how many people were in the chapel as I’d been sitting with my back to the room. When I stood to give my eulogy I was blown away and all I could utter at first was “Wow!” I later learned that the funeral home was packed to capacity and the overflow went out into the parking lot. People he had worked with decades ago were in attendance. Friends and relatives came together to honour this man whom had touched their lives on a deep and personal level. Chris was a very humble guy and he cared about people in general and about his friends and family members in particular.

The classic movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, with Jimmy Steward springs to mind – it is a story of how one single life can have such an impact. And the individual may think they are unnoticed or perhaps even unappreciated. Often it is only through adversity when we need help or support and people step up to offer their  assistance that we realize how truly blessed we are.

I know my brother’s life made a big difference to his family, but it was at his funeral that I came to understand what a gift Chris’s life was to so many. Hearing the many stories helped us cope with his death. The kindnesses Chris extended to others were extended in turn to his family and friends, like a ripple effect. So be kind, always. One life can make a difference and every life is precious.


6 thoughts on “Lives touched… one person can make a difference

  1. The measure of a man can be summed up by the remarks people make while talking to him or to someone else about him. My brother Chris was a true gentleman and a friend to all that knew him. If he gave his word that he would do anything for someone it was like money in the bank & done as he said it would be. Always there to help friend or family regardless of what it may be, Chris would always be there for you just as he said he would. He had a heart as big as all outdoors & wore his heart on his sleeve, loved fishing, hunting, time with friends & family, & loved his children with everything in him. He will be sorely missed in this life & for all that knew him , we look forward to the day we walk him again & feel truly blessed that he was part of our life. I LOVE YOU MY BROTHER MY FRIEND


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