Adaptable, friendly, and congenial – that’s my brother. He was about 8 years old when our parents decided to move our family from Newfoundland to Ontario. Personally I struggled with our new home and suffered home sickness for what seemed like forever. But Chris was always easy-going and made friends easily. Yet, we continued to spend a good bit of time together, he and I and our sister, Lorna. We were the three youngest known as “the three little ones” to our parents and the rest of our family. We were a unit, which makes losing him feel like I have lost a part of myself. Like a three-legged stool with one leg suddenly snapped off, I am off balance.  But I digress.

The three of us competed constantly with one another and one of our favourite competitions was racing one another, whether down the road or over empty fields and Chris was quick, very quick. It was a real challenge to beat him in a race.  Chris pushed me to my limit, and in more ways than just running.  While I would crow over beating him, Chris was a much more gracious winner, allowing me to “save face” time after time. I wish I could have been so gracious – I wasn’t! In many ways Chris taught me patience and kindness. He was also the impetus that helped me to push my limits, to face life’s challenges…and he continues to do so today.


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