When the leaves lay on the ground and trees are leached of colour and stand like skeletons with their creepy branches waving at the moon it must be Hallowe’en. The dreariness of late fall is lightened up by children in colourful costumes and jack- o-lanterns spilling candle light into the darkness. Laughter and the sometimes frightened shrieks of trick-or-treaters scurrying from house to house rend the air. Excitement is evident on every small face and is embodied by the young as well as the young at heart. While some look upon the holiday with dismay, judging it to be a celebration of the macabre and horrific I love the fun this holiday brings. It is a chance to dress up and forget yourself for a while; to let your inner child run a little wild once again; to celebrate childish innocence, and, best of all it is an opportunity to gorge on candy and sweets. Aw, Spirit of Hallowe’en, rave on!


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