I have trouble with the whole idea of “one true God”. It seems rather arrogant to stand and say that the God one worships is the “one” and only. I have been struggling with this concept for many years now. In my humble opinion it is an idea that is divisive and leads to judgments and intolerance. I do not believe any loving deity would want that. I believe in inclusiveness; in peace; in love; in helping one another. I respect a person’s right to choose; to worship – or not – as they see fit. In my view it really is none of my business how a person chooses to live, or whether or not they practice a particular faith tradition. To me it is a more important goal to live life in an effort to do no harm. Every world religion teaches the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, or some variation of it. I believe in that. In a world filled with personalities that cause division and strife I will continue to do my best to help and not to hinder; to be a source of peace, not friction; to “walk softly on this good earth”. May your guidance system, whatever it may be, never lead you astray.


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