Negative self-talk seems to be a poison that has infiltrated society and has a ripple effect: loss of production at work; loss of love at home; loss of an individual’s self-esteem; damage to relationships; pain, heartache and illness in both mind and body.

The words we address ourselves with become like a thick stick we beat ourselves with repeatedly. “You cannot give from an empty cup” is an often repeated slogan. I see it and variations of it all over social media – and it is shared so often because it is truth!

When we allow that first negative thought to take root it causes a domino effect with more and more negative self messages following one upon another. I know this because I have spent years battling my own inner demon – the one that would weaken me, perhaps even annihilate me if I let it. It has taken years of practice to learn how to stop that first negative message. It pains me now to recognize it in myself and others. These negative self messages not only hurt us they hurt the people around us because we are no longer able to support them or love them to the degree they deserve.

Negativity has a ripple effect that spreads out into the world causing further heartache and pain. If we are not gentle and compassionate with ourselves it follows that we will be just as hard and unforgiving of others. LET IT GO!

The truth is we are all good people doing the very best we can with what we know at any given moment – anything else is a lie.

So let us have a stick burning ceremony. Let us watch as the smoke from our sacred fire drifts high above us and dissipates in the air. And let us repeat this process as needed until the stick is completely burned to ashes and we no longer inflict harm on ourselves or others.


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