Summer is winding down and the first days of autumn are upon us. Children are awaiting school buses and out in the country farmers are gathering their harvests. Trees trade their summer greenery for fall’s warm colours of gold, orange, and red.  Fall fairs are starting up in communities across the country with a wide array of products on display from homemade pies and bottled jams to fresh vegetables and more.  It is a season ablaze with colour and with aromatic scents and aromas.  It is a time to dance once more beneath the sun before winter’s frigid temperatures chase less hardy creatures inside to huddle beside fireplaces or burrow deep beneath warm covers.  The winds are blowing chill northern air and the honk of geese flying south is a daily greeting.  There is one last flurry of activity before winter spreads her white sheets across the land. And so I bid summer adieu and feast upon her sweet bounty under the golden skies of autumn.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Musings

    1. I thank you for your comment. I personally like the posts on Belikewater. I have found clicking on “reader” will bring me to many different sites, many similar to my tastes. I would not presume to advise you as your interests may be different from mine. I enjoy such a wide variety of topics and being as we are all individuals our blog posts also vary. Variety is the spice of life, no?


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