so many shades of blue and grey

‘Be still’ comes the whisper

But my mind spews forth thoughts at a dizzying speed

Like wild horses thundering across the plains it pulls me forth across rocky terrain


‘Be still and know” comes the whisper

But I am distracted, so many things to think about:

Yesterday’s sorrows, tomorrow’s hopes. Today’s frustrations


‘Be still and know…’

The voice repeats

I breathe deeply, trying to find calm in the cyclone of thoughts

Thoughts swirling like a whirl pool


‘Be still and know’ it says again

But know what? My mind asks

My heart beats quickly

My breath, unnoticed, catches, stops, begins again

I am tossed about on the stormy seas of my mind


‘Be still and know’

The voice begins to irritate me

My ego, my pride has built this wall


Yet slowly, brick by brick the wall is being dismantled

My thoughts slow, my heart swells

Out of nowhere comes the peace

Quietly, soothingly, it cradles me and sweetly sings

‘Be still and know’


I do not know, not yet

But my spirit calms

I am learning to be still; to be present

And one day soon, I hope, I will know

And be still


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