The majesty of the mountains

Where my breath catches in my throat

And my gaze rests with longing upon the peaks

Where promised vistas are as yet unseen

The crash of angry waves

As the sea surges forth

Spitting her violent voice

Upon the shore

The dance of northern lights

On cold, frigid nights

So briefly they dance

In shades of blue and green

Filling my soul with awe

Pastoral fields where lazy cows graze upon tender greens

And ponies race across the wide expanse

Bubbling brooks rushing into rapids

Where salmon seem to fly

High above the screech of a hunting hawk

Holds my gaze hostage to the skies

These moments in time, so precious and too few

Come back when bidden

Golden memories of reverential wonder

That such gifts are freely given

makes my soul sigh and my heart anticipate

The next foray into the wilds


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