I love when I find something unusual or unique to photograph. Perhaps it’s only me that can see an aardvark in a piece of driftwood or a worm (where there is no worm) on a bright green leaf or the head of a wolf in a tree stump. What can I say? My mind works in bizarre ways at times. My imagination takes over and I try to capture with my camera what I see in my mind’s eye. There is beauty in nature, of this I have no doubt, but there are also elements of the mystical there too – at least that has been my experience. At other times it is just the way the light hits an object or creates a frame like the way the sunlight makes the trees seem like an archway leading to a fairy land – pure magic! And sometimes it is perplexing finds like the rusted out bed frame on a nature trail, or two crows seemingly kissing on a telephone wire. The world is filled with the weird and the wonderful and I celebrate it all.


4 thoughts on “This Weird and Wonderful World

  1. And thank you for your interest as well as your kind words. Did you see a dream catcher in the tree branches? The way the branches make a near perfect circle reminded me of dream catchers. Gotta love nature – always something new and surprising!


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