Read any good books lately? In my opinion it is incredibly difficult to find a good story. Most novels are filled with drama; with death and mayhem and leave me feeling anxious, angry and disturbed. I prefer good news stories where the hero wins the day. Today it seems the villain of any given story is more glorified than the hero. Do we have any heroes to fight for what is right? Television, movies, books, and magazines all seem to sprout hate and negativity. I think the world sorely needs more positive messages.  Enough of drama, tell me about integrity, honesty, love, and peace. Tell me stories where people care about one another and this beautiful earth we call home.

We are all well aware of the large number of injustices in the world: war, famine, natural disasters, have been a reality since the dawn of time. I want to know the stories about the people who are fighting injustice; the people who step up to help in times of war, famine and natural disaster; the so-called little people who nevertheless are heroes in my book.  And, really, we can all step up to help in small ways. Even something as simple as a smile can help encourage a person who is struggling with some unseen burden.  In the book of life let us strive to write good stories.


7 thoughts on “Read any good books lately?

  1. I’m so happy to see this post! Just the other day my friends and I had a debate over how media (print, social, vocal) is glorifying negativity and negative people. As in, how and when did negative people and shitty characters become worthy of so much attention? Does the media cause the society, or is it the other way round?

    Now after reading your post, I’m trying to recall when was the last time I read a happy book. I guess the glorify-negativity-syndrome has plagued our beloved authors too! Well, most of them.

    Perhaps that’s why I can never bring myself to like Jeffrey Archer. It’s just too much drama.


    1. It is rather like the old question, “which came first the chicken or the egg”… but yeah I also have a hard time finding inspiration or happiness in today’s offerings. I know there are lots of really great authors and lots of great people doing awesome things – I just would like to read more about them. Thanks for your comment and keep the faith – people are still decent and have good hearts. At least that is my belief.

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