“All is well” comes the whisper

But I struggle trying to fix what I cannot

Trying to control that which I cannot

“All is well” it whispers

But I am deaf and cannot hear

Like a lead balloon I am tied to the earth

My spirit cannot soar

I am earth bound

“All is well” the voice insists and grows louder

Slowly my ears become unstuffed

My mind grows quiet

My thoughts are stilled

“All is well” the voice says

It calms my weary heart

It fills my spirit

Slowly, slowly I rise

Hope begins to filter through like bright light through the fog

“All is well” it calmly says

Dense gloomy clouds begin to dissipate

“All is well” it says and I can hear the smile in the words

Joy, pure as a mountain lake, infiltrates my heart and soul

And finally I hear clearly and see clearly that all is indeed well

And my spirit soars


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