“I’ve always been sort of interested in the rural countryside. Things happen out there that are very strange to city dwellers.” – John Sandford –

I was born in a small rural community in Newfoundland and lived there for the first dozen years of my life. I am still drawn to the countryside; to trees and forests; and water in all its forms: ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans. I remember a city-raised friend once commenting that she was not comfortable without concrete under her feet. I found that very amusing, but it underlined our differences. What is balm for my soul (the countryside) leaves my friend feeling very strange and out of her comfort zone. I am the opposite but I am much more comfortable in towns and cities than I was when I was 12, back then it felt like culture shock and at the time I thought I might die of homesickness. Since leaving Newfoundland as a child I lived for many years in Ontario, but twice returned to live in my native province. Now I live in Alberta, but wherever I live the countryside calls insistently to me. It is there that I find a sense of peace and serenity. Capturing the beauty of the countryside, wherever I may be, is an ongoing pursuit and a labour of love.


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