“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”  – Aristotle

I went back to work at the library today after two months away. Unfortunately it took that long for cleaning to be done and a long list of details to be dealt with before we could reopen the doors. I have always enjoyed my job at the library. I meet a lot of new people and have come to know our regular patrons. One of the things that weighed on my mind these past weeks was the safety and well being of these patrons. The wildfire that caused a mandatory evacuation of our community of Fort McMurray turned all our lives upside down, so it was with great joy that I greeted people today.

In the weeks away from home I was dealing with a wide variety of challenges and upon our return home there were a new set of challenges to be faced. Life at times seemed impossibly difficult and arduous. Perhaps it was a good thing we were unable to return to work until now. It gave us time to deal with the issues the wildfire created – time to process and to deal with all that had happened. Today I realized how many lessons I have learned because of the wildfire and subsequent evacuation. For one, I have learned how much I truly love my job and appreciate my coworkers.

In the daily grind of life we often take for granted that which makes our lives rich and fulfilling – such as the joy of work.


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