I am sitting here at my laptop in the wee hours of the morning because I have been reading a book entitled “A way of life that does not exist” by Colin Samson. The author has me on an emotional roller coaster – spitting bullets one minute because I am so angry and fighting back tears the next. All this, just from reading about the trials and tribulations of the Innu people – imagine what it must be like to live it! I am struggling with words trying to express what I have learned thus far.

I have learned that colonialism has had horrid affects not only on parts of the world such as India, Sudan, the middle east, but right here at home as well and that the decisions made by some long ago English or French settlers have had far reaching effects – effects that continue to be felt today.

Yesterday I watched the film by Catherine Mullins, “Being Innu”, which explores the day to day life of Innu teenagers in Labrador. It was intensely sad but did have glimpses of hope.


Another ray of hope is the Tshikapisk Foundation, click on the link to learn more about the Innu Nation and what is being done today.


I think the worse thing about the treatment of the Innu is the fact that it is typical of how aboriginal peoples are being treated across Canada.

It’s time to wake up – past time, way past time.

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