Maybe I’m dead wrong but somehow I don’t think I am. It seems to me that there is little interest in what is happening to Native Canadians. I am in the midst of gathering material for a research paper I am working on about the Innu of Labrador, focusing on their culture and society.

Years ago headlines screamed about the plight of the people of Davis Inlet in Labrador. Videos of teens sniffing gasoline shocked and disturbed Canadians. The community was moved to Natuashish, where it was hoped some of the issues would be resolved.

There’s a saying that goes something like, “No matter where you go, there you are”.  I think that all the issues that led to such poverty and despair cannot begin to be addressed by a simple move.
Now, I am not saying the move wasn’t necessary, it was.

So that brings me back to the point of this blog. As I said, I am doing research on the Innu for a sociology paper. I find it deeply disturbing that there is so little available to choose from in the way of news articles.

I recently completed a paper on the Sudan and had no trouble finding reams and reams of material. The only challenge was choosing which articles I wanted to use.

I was glad to learn more about the Sudanese and their struggles. I would like to learn more about the Innu in my province. Like the Sudanese, the Innu are struggling. It is a sad fact of life in native communities all across our country.

I will continue haunting the library and scrolling through google pages to get what I need. It just makes me sad to contemplate how we have treated our Native peoples. We have ignored the Innu for too long, showing up when there is a crisis and then fading back into the woodwork, so to speak.

It is early in my research but videos found on you tube have revealed the stamina, courage and strength of the human spirit.  With all of their challenges, heartbreak and struggle, the Innu still find something to sing about.


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