In today’s world people are so rushed that they often do not have time to get the full story.  Media in all its forms are also in a rush, pushing out news stories in a hurry to beat the clock; to make the deadline. Competition for an audience is fierce with traditional news sources such as radio and newspapers vying with the internet to get the scoop.

I am not saying this is a bad thing. Competition often is good for the consumer and keeps the reporter sharp. But what are the news media serving up today? Researching to write an article about the Harper government’s crime bill brought home to me once again the reality of news bites that often do not do justice to the whole story.

Having said that I must add Safer Streets and Communities is a mega bill containing within it nine separate bills. Each one of these nine bills would take substantial time to go through in order to write a decent report. Journalists, by necessity, have to break it down and write on what seems most important or pertinent to society as a whole. For the average person it means combing through several news reports to try to get the whole story.

The Harper government  won a majority in the last federal election so the bill will go through, that’s a given. But I think it’s important for Canadian citizens to understand what this new legislation will mean for each of us as individuals and for the country as a whole, even if that means spending hours going through a variety of news reports.


2 thoughts on “Reporting the news

  1. It’s interesting that yesterday you posted about the rush that is sometimes present in media to get the best story out, considering today we met an amazing judge at the courthouse who discussed the slant often present in the media. Stories are often missing the big picture when the reporter is under strict deadlines and overworked. There should be more reporters in the media who are dedicated to issues like the omnibus bill in order to make sure the public is getting the full story, of every story. Of course, that means having to pay more reporters and that’s not always possible for a news organization.


    1. Thanks for your comments Stephanie. There are so many good journalists out there and so many good people in general. I am just concerned that the role of journalism as far as telling the whole story is being subjugated in order to be the first to “get the scoop”. Journalism is changing and hopefully there will also be great good to come out of it all. After all, we are living in a world of huge technological change – a change that is ongoing. And change can be a very good thing.


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