To heal or harm

At this time of year horror movies and ghost stories abound as Hallowe’en approaches. But one of  the worse horror stories I have ever read is unfortunately all too real with no end yet in sight.

This past week Syria has come under the media limelight and not in a good way. Amnesty International released a report detailing the torture of patients in state hospitals.

While many doctors and nurses are doing their best in desperate situations, often facing imprisonment or worse for treating wounded protesters others, who are supporters of the regime, have participated in the torture of patients, according to an Amnesty blog.

Many people are avoiding state-run hospitals in favour of private hospitals and clinics but since the state monitors blood supplies and medical equipment through the Defense Ministry, many are left untreated.

IRIN News, a service of the UN, reports that even children are suffering severe torture and mutilation and some have died in detention.

There have been ongoing protests going on in the middle east for nearly a year and in the west they have been dubbed the “Arab Spring” but they are, in truth, an all out revolution against dictators and tyrants.

The brutal crack down in Syria has the international community discussing possible action including further sanctions.


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