Human rights – the right to personal safety, the right to food, shelter and basic needs – are inherent rights.

Last spring the world watched as social media in the middle east began to have an impact on despotic regimes.

In Vancouver, Canada, employees of a magazine called Adbusters were also watching events unfold half a world away. Amazed and inspired they came up with an idea to make a bold statement.

The staff was galvanized into action, tapping activists in their network of contacts to share the idea of occupying Wall Street as a protest against economic inequality and capitalist influence.

The movement took on a life of it’s own and is now spanning the globe with occupy protests happening in almost every industrial city world-wide.

Although I admire the rationale, I deplore the incidents of violence as the movement spreads around the globe.

Many nations have good reason to protest. Lack of opportunity and lack of necessities of life due to political agendas are just two reasons for people to rise up in a justifiable protest.

The question for Canadians is this? Do you see the Occupy movement as a necessity for this country?


4 thoughts on “Occupy is the cry going out around the world

  1. It seems that the most outspoken people and groups in Canada are in Vancouver. They take everything to the streets and not just at home. I wonder why? Do you think there is something in the water?


    1. I think the group that started this particular ball rolling have the overall good of humanity at heart. However, I think the idea caught on faster than anyone could have imagined. “Occupy” is in dire need of some organization. A mission statement would be good and a little more structure so that goals could be achieved. There are no particular goals that I can perceive – at least not any measurable goals.


  2. I think that in the beginning the “Occupy” events had some sense of purpose but soon degenerated into a fashionable thing to do. I heard interviews with participants who did not seem to know exactly what the protests were about or even what they personally were hoping to achieve. People recognize that there is a growing disparity between rich and poor, power elites and the ordinary citizen – but what exactly do they want done about it?


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