This week we have been covering the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. It has been a challenging week as internet availability has been an issue as well as scheduling glitches but we soldier on, rolling with the punches as best we can.

Now, as you know I have chosen to write about human rights issues in my blog. However, I am going to deviate from the issues for the moment.

The young people who have gathered from all across our great country have given me food for thought. The conference is structured  to break the students into “spirit groups” so that students have been mixing with their peers from other parts of our vast nation.

How cool would that be if we could all experience the differences each region and each cultural background bring to our country.

And let’s take that one step further – how cool would it be if we could each experience the cultures from all over  our world.

It has been said that familiarity breeds contempt and it has been said that ignorance is bliss…..I wonder where these sayings come from.

I cannot buy into those concepts. I believe that knowledge is power and that every stranger is a friend we haven’t yet met.

Watching the excitement and joy the students who are participating in this conference exhibit – the smiles and open friendliness – gives me hope for much better times ahead for all the inhabitants of this place called earth.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from the next generation

  1. Beautiful post, Carol. I like your design choice overall, but I prefer comments at the bottom of the screen. It isn’t too much trouble to scroll up again, but some users are indeed that fickle.


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